China Trip 2013

Our trip to China in 2013

This is Beizi Temple in Inner Mongolia and off the beaten path where we stop on our travels through the country on our way to visit more farmers while in China 3 weeks ago. The Beizi Temple is a protected for its historical Cultural Value at the National Level  autonomous region of Inner Mongolia, People’s Republic of China. Beizi Temple this […]

China Trip~ Beizi Temple also known as "Chongshan Temple"

During my stay in China as you can imagine they had food I knew nothing about, we just had to do the taste test, if it tasted good we ate it. My husband and son ventured and ate things I would not. As you see in above banner, number #1 #3 #4 and #5 were some of my favorites. I […]

Tasty Tuesday "Featuring Foods We Ate In China"

Waking up in China is a different experience, today we are in Jianping China and have been touring the country greenhouses to visit with the farmers there. It is a very unique experience to see how the people of Jinaping China live and devote their lives in the fields. I have seen people of all ages from the little toddlers, […]

Jianping China And Monday~Get Together With Linky

Ok so I think you saw my post that I am going to China, if not you can read all about it Here wow, lifetime trip. And I thought I would share what is going in my suite case for the trip. This will hopefully help me not to forget something too. If you have suggestions let me know, because I have never […]

Whats in My Suitcase For China #1