Introducing MicroSoil®Pretty Plants™Soil Conditioner


Pretty Plants™ Soil Conditioner-2

Soil Conditioner for lawn, flowers, shrubs, trees,
houseplants and container gardening

Pretty Plants™ Soil Conditioner

A One Year Supply One (1) application every two (2) months for maximum area of 2,500 Sq. Ft.
Ideal for healthy growth and quality of flowers, shrubs, trees, it is great for houseplants and great container gardening.

Contains 13% readily available, natural/organic (non-leachable) nitrogen
Extremely cost effective
Accelerated plant growth
* Increased organic matter & soil fertility
* Helps to balance the pH factor of the soil
Increased number of blossoms
* Increases aroma in flowers & in crop blossoms
* Lusher & greener foliage indicating elevated photosynthesis
* Increased profits for growers

Pretty Plants™ Soil Conditioner is very frugal and easy to use.

INSTRUCTIONS: For each 2,500 Sq. Ft. area, Shake Gently, then
mix one (1) ounce of MicroSoil®’s Pretty Plants™ into one (1) gallon of water.
Spray or sprinkle freely over all root areas of any/all plants.

Or mix 1/4 oz. into quart sprayer and spray 3-5 squirts on soil at base of each plant.

NOTE: We recommend applying as soon as possible after diluting (2-3 days).
Do not freeze or expose to temperatures over 85º. Store in cool/dry area.
Shake MicroSoil®’s Pretty Plants™ gently before each use.

GMO Free. 100% SAFE for People, Plants & Pets


 MFG: Biomassters Global, Inc. founded in 1996, Las Vegas, NV  89130  Garden Flowers 2016 Grown With Pretty Plants™

You Can Purchase Pretty Plants at an Introductory Price of $14.95 Value $19.99 Includes Free Shipping

8 ounce Bottle is for A One Year Supply One (1) application every two (2) months for maximum area of 2,500 Sq. Ft. 

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