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Zen-Principles-used-in-Home-Decor-especially-the-bedroomNewlyweds bedroom: Create decor that matches both of your personalities

Getting married is a huge commitment and your opportunity to tell the world that you are in love and are dedicated to spending the rest of your lives together. However, it does not mean that you stop, becoming an individual! The following tips will help you to create a bedroom which reflects both your personalities and is still romantic: Newly-Weds-Bedroom


You may both be neat and tidy, both love clutter, and you may be one of each. However, the bedroom is not the place for clutter! It is very difficult to be romantic in a room full of dirty laundry or piles of part finished projects. Keep your bedroom tidy; this will help set the mood and ensure your married life starts with the right bang! Everything should have a place and it should be kept in its place!


This is one of the easiest ways to stamp your own style into any room.  If the property is yours or you have permission, paint the wall; choose a soothing color to help you rest in this space. Alternatively, you can add color through cushions, rugs and even throws. It will make the room reflect you and your loved one.


When you are first starting out it is common to have a variety of mismatched furniture which has been passed on to you by well-intended members of your family. You can make these pieces of furniture reflect your style by painting all of them the same color and even changing the handles to match. You should also keep your furniture in the bedroom to a minimum; never overfill the space.Newly Weds Bedroom and should consider a zen approach


The bedroom should revolve around the bed; it should be the item that catches your eye when you open the door and draws you into the room. Warm sheets and covers can reflect your personality and look inviting whilst a homemade headboard can provide a talking point. If you are able to then you should consider adding luxury sheets to your bed; they will provide a sense of something special and may encourage you and your loved one to be intimate as the room will feel like something from an expensive hotel.


Lighting can make a huge difference in any room. Dim lights can help to create a romantic effect, while bright lights will help you see when getting ready to go out. If possible, fit dimmer switches so that you can have the best of both worlds!

Common theme

This may be your first real bedroom together, rather than simply a bedroom for yourself. You need to stamp your joint mark on the room by choosing either a theme that you are both comfortable with. Alternatively, you can center the room on a specific piece. This central piece must be something that you both appreciate and will make you both feel comfortable and relaxed. You may need to adopt a trial and error approach to find the best pieces which will suit both your personalities, but it will be worth it!


The right window treatments for your master bedroom will soothe the ambiance, and make it feel more romantic and intimate. Choose shades that match with the overall décor, and stay away from too much color. Invest in quality too; curtains made from Egyptian cotton that drape beautifully and feature a double material to make the thicker, are an excellent choice in a bedroom with a lot of sunlight. Create the perfect bedroom for your spouse, and enjoy quality rest in a Zen environment.Newly Weds Bedroom


This is where you can allow your individual tastes to explode into the room.  However, you will need to consider how best to integrate your preferred accessories with those of your partner. If you have very different ideas it can be difficult for them to merge together and you will both need to consider which items are important and which represent your joint future together.

It is also an excellent time to purchase a few new items which are jointly chosen, jointly owned and reflect both your personalities. The trick, once this is all done, is to step back and enjoy your work. If you are not happy with the result, it is relatively easy to change.

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