FreshPet Select Cat Food Product Review Giveaway 10 comments

FreshPet Select Cat Food Product Review

I received FreshPet Select Cat Food for my cats to try.  I have 2 cats, one named Digger and the other Scruffy, due to having so much fur, he always looks like the wind is blowing behind him. One cat likes catnip and the other does not get excited about it, he likes to eat my plants. They both like wheat grass, so that is a treat.

I was excited to be able to let the cats try FreshPet cat food and I was able to make the choice of flavors for our cats to try, I chose the Roasted Meals. It is made of real chicken, carrots and spinach. It come fresh as in the name, in a refrigerator pac, cold and is to be kept in the fridge.

FreshPet is 100% complete. 100% delicious.

  • It is high quality animal proteins, with chicken, beef, lamb, salmon, live and eggs.
  • Vitamin rich vegetable: peas, carrots and spinach
  • High in fiber grains: oats, barley and brown rice. However, Freshpet doe not ever use wheat, corn or by-products.
  • 18 essential vitamins and minerals
  • They are cooked slowly so they retain their natural vitamins and minerals
  • Free of preservatives NO additives like BHA or Propylene glycol used in other dry foods

So Digger, my lover cat eats anything and I did’t think he was picky, however, he would not eat the FreshPet food. However, Scruffy took after it right away and now every time I go into the kitchen he sits and waits for me to pour him more. He has an intestinal problem, so we do have to be careful and I was pleasantly surprised to see that he is doing great with this new food.

The company was founded in 2006 and products are available nationwide,the FreshPet brand is available at my Petco, in a refrigerator case along with FreshPet for dogs too. I received a folder full of great information about the company and their products.

Nutrient rich meals allow your pets to have the same healthy eating habits as their owners.
For more information about Freshpet foods and find locations to purchase visit

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  • adrienne warren

    ohh man the fav toy, I took the handle off an old window shade attached the pull string with plastic bell on the end. Fishing for cats. One of my gals loves her toy so much she will go into the other room and drag it pole and all to my feet and sit there pouting pawing at the plastic bell on the end till I stop blogging, and play with here. Yes yes I’m comming just let me post this dang it…

  • Amber Nara

    My cat Hannah Lovers her Laser and let me tell you she is 17lbs…yes a huge cat and she loves all kinds of food and treats. Not a picky eater at all. I will say her favorite has been soft treats from cat craze chicken or fish flavor

  • Aunt Maggie Rocks

    My cats are a hot mess! I have three with completely different personalities. They all LOVE catnip. The youngest loves the little plastic balls w/ bells inside. He carries them around everywhere. I think there’s probably 20 scattered around the house, under the beds, corners, etc. Occasionally, he’ll run around and collect them in a big pile. The middle kitty is so sweet but she’s so temperamental! She loves anything that will let her get high. On the top of cabinets, her cat tree, etc. And the oldest is a huge fat baby… His favorite hobby is eating, eating, eating!

    Maggie Ann True Armstrong
    maggie at

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