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No Wedding Guestbook? Try this Instead… 
Getting married at the backend of this year? By now, the chances are you’ve got all the important things – the venue, the dress, the cake – sorted out and paid for. But what of the little details; the things that can be easily overlooked? Well, let us help you with one: the wedding guest book, or lack thereof.

Guest Book Alternatives

Share creative ideas, products, accessories, DIY crafts that can be used for a Guest Book Alternative!

If you’re opting for a traditional book for guests to sign, that’s great! But just in case you’re after a few more ideas, we’ve pulled together some of our favorites from around the Internet to make sure every last detail is done and dusted when it comes to your big day. Read on…

1. A Blank Jigsaw – If you like to think a little outside the box when it comes to your wedding, take a look at sites like Etsy, which offer some great – and affordable – ideas for guest books like this. Simply type in ‘guest book’ and lose yourself in the great many pages of alternatives to a traditional cardboard book. We spotted a really cool idea on the site recently, in the form of a blank jigsaw puzzle ‘guest book’. It’s basically a puzzle completely in white (or another colour of your choice), with each and every piece the perfect size for guests to write a note. Following your big day, you can then have lots of fun piecing together the jigsaw and reading the thoughtful messages as you go. 

2. Photo Canvas – For something slightly more traditional but still a little different from a standard guest book, the photo canvas seems to be all the rage at the moment. Simply take a lovely snap of yourself and your other half to a local photo shop and have it made into a canvas featuring some plain white space around it. Guests simply write their notes around the image, which you can later hang onto a wall in your home. It’s a good way to show off an engagement shoot, perhaps, and it gives you something you can display after the wedding. Alternatively, create some copies of your favourite photos of the two of you, hang them up and invite guests to scrawl messages on the back. You can then simply slide them into a photo album, along with your wedding photos perhaps, to look at as the years go by.

3. Postcards or Greetings Cards – Another cool idea we’ve seen a lot around crafty blogs on the Internet such as this one, is the ‘postcard’ guest book. Well, we say book and it really isn’t a book at all. Instead, simply hang a number of postcards or cute handmade greetings cards on a rustic washing line with quirky miniature pegs and leave a handwritten banner inviting guests to pen a note. They can then post them in a handmade ‘post box’ you’ve perhaps created especially for the day. Alternatively, pop blank postcards on a table, ready to be picked up and written on, before encouraging guests to pop them in a vintage style suitcase or ornate pastel colored bird cage. Trinkets like this can be picked up extremely cheaply at boot fairs, antiques shops and even charity shops. You can then tailor the cards to your wedding colour scheme, selecting the shades and designs which best complement your day – perfect!

Bride and Groom

Got some more ideas for out of the ordinary wedding ‘guest books’? We’d love to hear them! Don’t forget to take a look online too for some more inspiration; once you get browsing you’ll find that there’s a host of other ideas for your wedding in general, from place name settings to favours, too.

Katie from said “I think this is a great idea, if you do it on a show piece, like the bowl, an anchor or even the globe it can be showcased in your house almost doubling as an ornament!”


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