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Learn What a Parental Control App Can Do To Monitor Kids Phone Use


91% of teens go online using a smart device, states a survey by the Pew Research Center. It also says that 24% of them stay online almost constantly. This shows the influence of the internet in their lives. A mobile device such as a Smartphone or tablet makes it easier for them to stay online, almost all the time. Wherever they go, whatever they do, they have their devices with them. 72% love playing video games and 11% use anonymous sites. Most of their activities scheduled in a day involve smart devices and the internet.

What is the impact of these devices?

This plays a great role in shaping their lives. How they communicate, socialize, what they think, their studies and even how they relax. It is seen that everything, the smallest of daily tasks, are device dependent. It further gives rise to a number of things:

  • They are getting better at texting but becoming incapable of actual human interaction.
  • The attention spans are shrinking, making it difficult for them to focus on one thing.
  • They are likely to share personal information with a stranger online than their own parents or siblings.
  • Physical activity and outdoor games are getting replaced by video games and social networking.
  • Quality family time is becoming nonexistent.
  • They are vulnerable to digital depression and social anxiety.
  • Obesity, eye damage, and insomnia are major threats to their health.
  • Every kid that goes online is susceptible to cyberbullying, one way or another.
  • They are at risk of getting in touch with online predators.

How to lessen the bad outcome?

Like any other thing in life, tech-use also requires supervision and management from parents. For this purpose, a parental control app is a prime solution. Apps like FamilyTime allow you to do the following:

Get a heads up

You can get a pass into their tech-life and view their web activity, calls, contacts and text messages. This gives you a heads up to any questionable or unsafe action, either done by mistake or knowingly. Most of the kids hide their activity from parents either out of fear or embarrassment. By staying cautious you can have a talk with your kids or do something about it timely.



It is necessary to keep their screen time within safe hours in order to avoid addiction and adverse health problems. By using screen locks you can easily curb the extreme screen time.

Manage mobile apps

There are so many apps that can be regarded as unsafe for kids. These encourage anonymity, bullying, sexting, and addiction in them. Be aware of what kind of apps they are using and block the dangerous ones.

Ensure security

Keep tabs on them when they go out. Get check-ins and checkouts through Geofencing places. Know where they are through GPS tracking. Get panic alerts and pickup reminders to save them from potential hazards.

Get this app for iOS or Android.

Teens should be monitored and taught about internet safety so that they can have a positive and secure digital experience. A parental control app is an advised solution from tech experts. Keeping in mind the various dangerous outcomes, it is the need of the day!

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