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No matter whether you are planning on taking a vacation on an exotic island, or a fabulous cruise is more of your thing – there is an optimal amount of clothes and other things that you need. Avoid some rookie mistakes that will just add up to your luggage weight and spend your holiday in a stylish and classy manner.

Here are some tips on how to do that, so check them out and carelessly plan on your next vacation.

Have a Day by Day Plan

Travelling like a pro doesn’t mean that you have to bring a pile of clothes that you might wear, just in case. Over-packing is a rookie mistake which will cost you dollars and dollars more, and you definitely don’t need that. On the other hand, it is much easier if you under-pack – buying an inexpensive yet stylish shirt and shorts will be just fine.

You don’t need ten shirts for ten days of your trip – eight of them are enough. A pair of jeans for every other day, two pairs of casual shoes (+ ultra fashionable heels), and you are good to go! Of course, a clean pair of socks and underwear is a must for everyday.

Rolling vs. Folding?

Now when you know what travelling essentials are, the real struggle begins – stuffing them all into your luggage! There are two possible ways of doing that – rolling and folding, and both of these have pros and cons. Folded clothes are less likely to wrinkle, however, they take up much more space. On the other hand, rolled items will take up much less space, but they will wrinkle if stored inappropriately. This is exactly why you should use both of them – folding for more delicate pieces, such as collared shirts, and rolling for materials such as wool and cotton. Just make sure that roll is tight enough.Rolling vs. Folding clothing

Don’t Forget the Jewellery

Jewellery is a very important part of a stylish vacation, we will all agree. All you have to do is to make sure that you store them right, in order to prevent tangling, knotting, or even losing them somewhere among other stuff.

An old lip balm container or pill case compartments can be very helpful in organising your smaller pieces of jewellery. You can even keep track of your earrings by fastening them through buttonholes, before placing them into the jewellery bag. When it comes to necklaces, it is very simple – you can string them through a straw in order to prevent the chain from tangling.

What about Shoes?

When it comes to packing your shoes, the most important thing is to keep everything as clean as possible in your luggage. This means that you should keep dirty soles away from your clothes, and this can be done by placing them either into a shower cap, or into a plastic bag. You can also stuff socks or some cosmetic products that won’t burst inside them, so that you save some space while packing. What about Shoes for travel

Get Packing!

Every fashion-forward girl knows that a leather suitcase is the key to fabulous look on a vacation. Since leather goods have always been a symbol of impeccable style, take yours and start packing. Set your shoes, stuffed with socks, at the bottom of the bag. Then place heavier rolled items, such as jeans, and fragile items on the top of them. The next layer consists of lighter rolled items, and then come folded clothes. Toiletry bag comes at the top of it, and voila – your packing is done! Get Packing For your next vacation

As you can see, travelling with style doesn’t have to be that hard – not at all! As soon as you learn that it is not about the quantity of clothes you will bring, but about your ability to combine and use them in multiple outfits, you will be able to travel like a pro. Bon voyage!

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