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There might be many times when it is easier and more fun to buy a gift that suits a couple. Of course, a couple is necessarily made up of two individuals with their own likes, dislikes, interests and values. However, there is something heartwarming (and convenient!) about finding a gift that celebrates the two of them. Gifts for a couple can be particularly appropriate when it marks something significant to them. An anniversary, for example, or an engagement. A housewarming party or as a “thank you” gift for having stayed with them, perhaps. Something that a couple can enjoy together can be a wonderful and creative gift for the people that you care about.

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Something Naughty

Don’t worry. You’re not being advised to go and buy lingerie, or something equally personal! But a gift that celebrates a naughty vice like alcohol or tobacco can be ultra original and fun. Spirits and special blends often come in beautifully presented bottles or limited edition packaging. They can be either masculine, feminine, or completely gender neutral and also look beautiful as a kitchen decoration! Why not investigate the base of their favourite cocktails and splash out on a really special gin or whiskey? Perhaps they are social smokers and would love to try something like flavoured cigarettes or pipe tobacco. Whatever their vice, indulging in it as a treat can be a fun and friendly gift.

A Recipe Book

Recipe books are more beautiful and stylish than ever with a variety of cuisines and ideas. Many couples love to cook together or would love to improve their skills. Trying new recipes together can be a great experience and is an especially lovely housewarming gift. If the couple you are buying for have special dietary requirements, there is a wider range of books than ever. Gluten free or vegan cookbooks needn’t be bland and boring. Many are now incredibly innovative and exciting! Recipe books are widely available and make a great addition to any shelf. They make a substantial, creative gift that will be much appreciated.

An Experience Day

There is a wide variety of “experience days” available to suit a range of interests and budgets. Perhaps a couples’ spa day could be a great way to unwind after a house move, for example. Or a racing driving experience could be an exhilarating way to make memories! Even something as simple as a restaurant dinner can be an intimate, memorable experience. Ensure that you note down the date it has to be used by, and think carefully about what the couple might really appreciate. This is their opportunity to really make some memories together.

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A Photo Album

Low on budget but high on impact, a photo album can be a perfect couples gift. You could even start the album off with some photographs of you all together. Especially if you have been friends for a long time. Or a quick Facebook search could provide some holiday snaps to get them started! Photo albums can become genuinely treasured items and a great way to relive happy, memorable moments.

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