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Fashion Ideas Featuring the Pantone Color of the Year 2016

In the fashion world the need for originality is increasingly growing. That is why clothing brands are trying to bring new colors every season so that we could refresh our wardrobe with unusual color combinations and new styles. This year has brought a new color scheme and its rose quartz and serenity. At first, it seems like something familiar since we had some dominant pastels few seasons ago, but if you stay with it for a while you will notice that those sky shades have the power to make your outfit look calm and natural especially for warm days ahead.

New Trench

Trench coats are a classic and everyone knows that one is never enough. Buying one in serenity tone will accentuate your hear and skin tone and it would be perfect for spring and summer since you can combine it with jeans and white shirts. For something more elegant, it is enough to switch to black dress or a gray suit only to take it to the next level.

For blondes blue tones would be the perfect choice, while for the brunets rose quarts is more recommendable. When shopping for new clothes try to think about eco fashion and find clothes made out of sustainable materials and organic cotton to be sure that what you wear is high quality and wearable for more than one season.




Although very small, jewels is something that everyone will notice. Rose quartz is a perfect shade for a big statement necklace since it is not too aggressive and appropriate for some everyday combinations. On the other had, if you prefer wearing earrings, look up for some small ones with lots of stones to get the soft look. For those who are not into wearing jewels on a daily basis, a wrist watch in one of those colors is the best choice since it is a classic business item. Try finding a simplistic one with an interesting shape, line or a specific detail.



Everyone needs a new bag from time to time and this season you should treat yourself with an interesting clutch that combines both serenity and rose quartz shades. This kind of accessory will look quite specific and should be combined with something simple to get the best effect. Denim dress might be just the thing, or a pale pink jumpsuit if you want to captivate everyone’s attention. Makeup-in-Pantone-Color-of-the-Year-2016

Make up

In the makeup world these shades aren’t as new as in fashion, but some new ways of applying them can help you change your make up routines. Have you ever tried wearing two different nail polish colors at the same time? Now it’s the time. Since pale pink and blue get along very well, try to play with your manicure to get the most creative, yet simple, look. For example, apply serenity on your pinkie or thumb, and color the rest of the nails in quartz rose. Since the shades are pretty similar it will seem like a mirage and you would be surprised how sophisticated it will look.

Fashionable Tech

There are more and more people who want their phones, tablets, headphones and computers personalized. Until recently a change of background was enough to make a difference, but nowadays that’s only the first step. Today we can design and make everything we imagine to cheer up black and gray technology that surrounds us. Buy pink headphones and a serenity case for your tablet and it will never look simple or dull again, or try finding a perfect blend of pink and blue shades on a case for your phone or watch that goes with it.

When it comes to fashion and colors remember to always be creative and make bold combinations since only that way you will make your own signature style.

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