EkSel BBQ Huge Grill #ekselgrillmat Baking Mats and BBQ#coolgloves

I was provided the ekSel Oven, BBQ & Baking Mats and Gloves,
to try and give my personal opinion after trying them in my home.
I have used “non-stick mats” in the past, but they were never this large enough. I was excited to try the larger size. I use these mats for baking all kinds of things, cookies, biscuits and is great for re-heating Pizza. My son will enjoy using the mats for outdoor cooking on the BBQ and has already said, he wants to take them camping as they are portable, just roll them up! 

The mats are great for using indoors and out when grilling, you don’t have to worry about your food burning or falling through the grill grates. Great for cooking meat, veggies on skewers, or directly on the mat.

Everything will be perfectly cooked and such a great way without using oils. You dont have to worry about flare-ups from the oils you usually use to keep the food from sticking, because “Nothing-You-Cook-Will-Stick”!

These mats are easy to store roll them up, band them with a rubber band for storing. Easy to carry when camping and can be used in ovens, on BBQ’s, Microwaves.

Quoting: Large, heavy-duty, non-stick, nontoxic, FDA approved Oven & BBQ Mats. PTFE coated fiberglass is guaranteed to be PFOA, BPA, and Silicone FREE.
The dimensions are 19.7 x 0.2 x 15.8 and only weighs 4.6 oz.

We will enjoy grilling and baking for many years. #ekselgrillmat
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ekSel COOL Oven, Grill & BBQ Gloves, White Woven Aramid with Non-Slip Blue Silicone, One Size, Flexible & Lightweight, 2 Pack (1 Pair) (Kitchen)
I received these ekSel Cool gloves for an honest review. Since I received them I have used them in my oven and at my BBQ, I did’nt feel any heat, even when carrying pans a distance immediately after removing from a hot oven. I would recommend these to use for the safety of hands.

They come in a (2 Pack) one-size fits all.

There is a thick coating of silicon which offers great grip and withstand heat up to 662 F.. Great for handling skewers, dutch ovens, pots, or how about changing light globes, I always get burned removing a  light globe.

The ekSel Cool Oven Gloves would also make a great Christmas gift or for any friends or family that spend a lot of time cooking outdoors or baking in their kitchen. I am going to love these for a long time! #coolgloves
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