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Drive More Traffic With Social Media Visuals

Drve-Traffic-With-Social-Media-VisualsWould you like to create pretty banners and pictures to add to your blog posts, to have them be shared on Pinterest? I would like to share with you a few online tools that are easy to use and you can now create some really nice banners, collages and enhance photos with a little practice. We will talk about 3 easy tool that are available and are user friendly + one more called Wordle.

Tasty Bites

Banner Example from PicMonkey

PickMonkey was one of the first to become available online and has a Free and paid option for you to use. It now features the option of choosing to make graphics for social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google in the correct size to use. PicMonkey also gives you a good choice of Fonts to use on your photos, frames you can choose or you can create collages. PickMonkey lets you pull photos from your computer. Make banners, buttons for all your social media accounts. The banner below was created on PicMonkey.


Banner Created On

Canva is a free online application and an array of types of graphics to use on banners, photos, for business cards and presentations. It also has the option of choosing to make a banner for social media networks. It does have a larger base of fonts to use. I am just learning how to use it but find that it is still user friendly and only takes a short amount of time to produce a pleasing visual to use in posts. Save them to your hard drive and use it again and again. You can pull in your own photos to create your visuals. The banner below was created by using already made banners in Canva, all I had to do was change the wording and the color. If you are looking for an application more like PhotoShop then you can download to your pc to use It supports layers and you can draw shapes, text, and recolor your photos, much like PhotoShop.

Randon Words WW

Create a Word Banner With Wordle


PicsArt offers an all-in-one free online Photo Editor for creators to use as an editing resource to create photos that pop! With easily accessible tools, features, and a robust content library of stickers, backgrounds, filters and more — creators will have more than enough to get inspired and begin their creative adventure. Of the many tools to create a unique and complex image, PicsArt’s Text Editor will give creators a unique edge while adding some playful text. 

PicsArt’s Text Editor provides a variety of fonts that can be customized and designed to add text representation to your visual edits. Creating images with text can improve the effectiveness of the message behind your images. In addition, the Text Editor helps users adjust placement, layout, spacing, and enhance texts with shadows, borders, contours, and colors to create an image that stands out above the rest.  

Wordle Another visual that I have recently found is a program called Wordle and is for creating groups of “words”  you can add a group of words and create you will get a collage. You can change it by using the randomize button, colors, and fonts. Like the one below. You can make the words vertical or horizontal.

While there are graphic designers online that you can hire, its nice to know that there are alternatives to choose from that will fit your needs and with any above, you can be as creative as you want. I do know the bigger your photos are in your posts the more likely they are to be shared with social media like Pinterest. Pictures speak a thousand words.

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