Libre Loose Tea Glass Product Review

The Libre Tea Mugs And Glasses were inspired for tea drinkers, they are very pretty I love the look. The Libre Tea Glass is made to infuse loose tea and either drink hot or iced. For my photo,I added ice before brewing and made iced tea right in the glass. The direction’s
suggest after pouring hot water to turn screw on lid, turn upside down to let the tea steep. 
I don’t care for a strong tea so just pouring the hot water 
over the tea made it just right for my taste. [You would see in video]
I usually only drink iced tea but for the occasional cup of hot tea this would be perfect. Its
really easy to use, I just sprinkled 2 tsp of loose tea into the filter, added 1 cup of water and as you can see I have a cup of tea. The lid fits well, and comes with a gasket to get
a good seal making it great to take when traveling.  

And glass will fit into cup holders and your purse with the tight fitting lid.
Its a great product and a quality tea brewing system and for $24.00 this would
make a great gift for birthdays and Christmas!

The Libre Original is made of BPA free polycarbonate has a stainless steel filter. 
There is a ‘how to’ video 
Volume: 260mL
Size: approximately 7.5″ tall, 2.5″ diameter
Materials: glass, BPA free polycarbonate, stainless steel 
Shipping: Shipped from Vancouver, Canada and Los Angeles, USA. Express Delivery available.
There economical at $24.00

Visit Libre Tea for More Details 

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