Is January The Most Popular To File For a Divorce?

The Divorce Month: Why January is the most popular month to file for a Michigan divorce

No little girl ever gazed off dreamily and fantasized about her divorce day. Oh, how that changes in adulthood. A Michigan divorce is never an easy decision but most couples know, or at least can look back and reflect upon when they’ve reached the point of no return in their relationships. Like everything else, there are trends in marriage and divorce. And when it comes to the latter, more divorces are filed in January than any other month of the year. But what’s so special about this specific month that encourages so many couples to legally cut the heartstrings?

They Survived the Holidays

Regardless of the reasons for a Michigan divorce, timing can be another matter altogether. This is especially problematic when the couple in question has kids or tight families. Divorce is always emotionally messy, and it’s never contained to just the couple. School vacations and the holiday season often magnify the emotions as guilty parents want to end their marriage with magical memories for all. Sometimes, the couple hopes for a seasonal miracle to rekindle their romance. But just like no wedding day is ever perfect, the holiday before filing for a divorce can be racked with angst, anger, and aggression. Once that final holiday season is over, the emotional exhaustion often leads at least the couple into a joint realization that the relationship is finally over.

Unholy Spike in Marital Affairs

Divorce timing tends to trend, and according to research by the University of Washington, the main months for divorce are March and August. Divorce filing, however, takes place two months on average prior to the finalization. The chart, nicknamed the Cat of Sadness, shows the trend in visual detail. Other studies have discovered a connection in the rising rates of extramarital affairs during those peak months. This formulates the predictable yet scientifically backed conclusion that the stress of the holidays often leads to relationship betrayal. Michigan is a no-fault divorce state, so you don’t need proof of adultery to file for divorce. However, you really do need to talk to a competent Michigan divorce attorney to ensure your brain remains focused while attempting to repair your heart.

Resolution Kickstart for the New Year

The new year includes new goals and aspirations for most of us. Even those who don’t plan out resolutions tend to develop hope for the upcoming year during the holiday season. But for those who carry on with the resolution tradition, the top goals each year include improved health, better financial planning, becoming more organized, and living lives to the fullest. It’s hard to do that when home life involves far more battles than bliss. Countless psychologists plan for Divorce Monday every year. This first business Monday after the holiday season is the most popular day for Michigan divorce filing, and it can do some major damage to your emotional health if you try to get it all done too quickly or without the assistance you need. Small steps and a clear head ensure you’ll continue moving forward into a happier and healthier new year.

Future Financial Planning

December 31 is the last Tax Day of any given year in America. Financially savvy partners often hold off on filing for divorce until the beginning of the new year to ensure their single filing tax year doesn’t include a sudden financial loss. While that may sound cold and heartless, it actually makes a lot of fiscal sense. It allows the spouses to file jointly for one more tax year before splitting their finances. And depending on individual earnings that can save a bundle and give a healthy boost towards independence. Your Michigan divorce lawyer can help create the clearest path to your future.


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