Remodel a Bathroom With a Steam Shower 2 comments

If you had the opportunity to remodel a bathroom would you ever consider installing a “steam shower”? Remodel a Bathroom With a Steam Shower

Lets look at 5 pros of using a steam shower;

  • A steam shower can provide an enclosure like a steam room and can provide health benefits like improving circulation by opening up blood vessels which lowers blood pressure increasing blood flow.
  • Improve your skin by moisturizing and clearing up skin problems
  • Make breathing easier
  • After exercise helps to promote metabolic waste from muscles
  • Release stress and tension, it seems that there is a cortisol level drop, feeling more in control

Precautions of  a steam room

  • You should get a doctors approval if you are pregnant, just had surgery or have a compromised immune system

Installation of a steam room in your home is made easy by using a kit and are considered to be steam cabins.
Insignia outlets are specialists in steam showers, steam showers with whirlpool baths and hydro massage showers. In short these are pretty high tech showers that feature everything from steam generator (which creates the enclosure in to a steam room), body massage jets, monsoon and standard shower, mood enhancement lighting (chromotherapy lighting) to featuring radios, hands free telephones, touch screens and much more.

There is even a Aromatherapy Modular Injection system that can be installed for using oils in your steam cabins to relax and unwind. 

Remodel a Bathroom With a Steam Shower

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