My Review on The Aroma Sense Handheld Vitamin C Shower Head 8 comments

I received the Aroma Sense handheld showerhead for an honest review of a product I thought I would like to try.
My thoughts and opinions are my own and I wanted to share with my readers.

I was able to make the choice of which product I wanted to review and chose the MEDIUM HANDHELD VITAMIN C SHOWER HEAD. It attached to my current hose so I did not have to purchase additional parts and I installed it myself.  The showerhead includes 1 shower head, 2 microfiber filters and 1 Vitamin C shower cartridge. Here are 7 reason why you will want to try the Aroma Sense shower heads.

The Aroma Sense  Medium Handheld  Vitamin C Shower Head

The Aroma Sense has really great features unlike most shower heads you can purchase and the price is right.

Aromatherapy: There are natural oils that provide a wonderful uplifting scent

Chlorine Removal: Removes chlorine through the showerhead

Vitamin C Replenishment: Contains Vitamin C to replenish skin

High Water Pressure: Optimizes water pressure 

Water Conservation: Reduces water consumption by 25%

Rust Removal: The microfiber removes dirt and contaminates collected in water system 

Negative Ionizer: Produces up to 25% negative ions to improve breathing and alleviate stressThe Aroma Sense  Medium Handheld  Vitamin C Shower Head 988

Below you can see how the The Aroma Sense medium handheld vitamin c shower head is made and is designed to attach to a handheld hose so that you can use in hand to reach your feet or over your back for a the power jets boost the water pressure to give therapeutic shower and using 25% less water than normal showerheads and I love that it removes chlorine before it hits my skin. I also love knowing that I am not breathing the chlorine into my body.

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I also mentioned how easy it was to install.....

You can see why I am enjoying my new Aroma Sense handheld shower head, it is relaxing, protects me from chlorine and replenishes my skin with Vitamin C! These shower head systems are used in hotels like the Ritz Carlton – Four Season – The Hilton – M Resort of Las Vegas – And the list goes on. Currently most models are on sale!!

Aroma Systems are made in the USA and you can find more information

 Aroma Scent Systems on


And you can visit their website to see other models and products that would work for your home

Website: Luxury Shower head Aroma Sense

And Watch For A Giveaway For This Handheld Aroma Sense Shower headAttachment details for Aroma Sense Handheld Shower Head

Thank you for taking time to read my review, now tel me, what did you take away from this review, please leave a comment while your here.

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