Fashion Series: 6 Tips On Being The Best Bridesmaid Ever

6 Tips On Being The Best Bridesmaid Ever

So, if you are the bridesmaid, it means that either your sister or your best friend is getting married, which means that you are every bit a part of the wedding as the bride and groom.

Here are six foolproof ways to ensure that you are forever remembered as the best bridesmaid ever!  Fashion Series 6 Tips On Being The Best Bridesmaid Ever

  1. Plan Absolutely Everything

It does not matter whether the wedding is in two days, or a year from now, because chances are, the bride is going to be losing her mind over all the details to make sure that her wedding is just perfect. This is where she needs you the most—to do the planning. Always be on the top of the whole wedding game by planning all the events and their related particulars down to the last detail.

Keep a planner handy, and keep yourself updated with all the important info—contact details of guests and other bridesmaids, the florist, the caterers, every last thing. This not only lets the bride breathe a little easy, but also helps you be prepared for any unforeseen mishap, should one occur.

  1. Miss Penny Wise

Being a part of any wedding is an expensive business, and you need to be mentally as well as financially prepared for that. Find out what you can and cannot afford in terms of dress (and alterations, because that is costly), shoes and the wedding gift. Go online, do your research, and always spend your money wisely.

  1. Contribute Creatively

Come up with ideas that ease off the stress of the bride and/or groom. Help them pick out the venue, or suggest ways to create beautiful wedding invites with the minimum of investment.

  1. Be There For The Bride

As a bridesmaid, your chief responsibility is to provide round the clock moral support for the bride. Take her out to a girls’ night to give her a chance to have some fun and get away from the wedding chaos, go with her to get her perfect wedding dress, and just be a good company. It counts way more than you know.

  1. Just Wear The Dress

It does not matter whether you like the dress the bride picked out or not—the day is not about you, so don’t pout the entire time you are wearing the dress. So what if the colour is not your favourite? So what, if they are not your favourite black bridesmaid dresses. It is just a dress that you have to wear for a couple of hours, and everyone knows the bride picked it, not you. So, smile and teach everyone how to work it even in clothes that you wouldn’t normally wear!

  1. Be Friendly & Accommodating (Within Reason)

You may not be the only bridesmaid at the wedding, so it is always a good idea to be friends with everyone to avoid any conflicts. Try to listen to everyone and accommodate their wants and needs, but only reasonable ones. You don’t want to be too accommodating and mess up anything.

Being a bridesmaid is tough work, but somebody has got to do it (and look absolutely fabulous doing it).

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