Jianping China And Monday~Get Together With Linky

Lobby in Jianping International HotelWaking up in China is a different experience, today we are in Jianping China and have been touring the country greenhouses to visit with the farmers there. It is a very unique experience to see how the people of Jinaping China live and devote their lives in the fields. I have seen people of all ages from the little toddlers, teens and the old that are spending their entire life here. I am sure that many never see the city.

I wish I could share the photos I have but do not have access at this point to get them from my phone, but will be in the coming days.

Last night we were treated to a meal almost completely of pot stickers/dumplings made for us in 6 different fillings, amazing!!! My son was able to visit their kitchen and video the making of the pot stickers. I can’t wait to share!!

Today is Monday here and we will be traveling by car to Shenyang for more meetings and the culture.

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I wish you all a great week, Karren in Jianping



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