Tasty Tuesday "Featuring Foods We Ate In China"

Chinese Quisine During my stay in China as you can imagine they had food I knew nothing about, we just had to do the taste test, if it tasted good we ate it. My husband and son ventured and ate things I would not. As you see in above banner, number #1 #3 #4 and #5 were some of my favorites. I don’t know the name of the dishes but can explain a little. These are just a few of the dishes I am sharing today! Here are a few food memories………….
#1 Was a special treat when they found out my husband like pot stickers, they took us to a restaurant that is famous for there creation, they made 6 different kinds that are pictured, one was with vegetables, one with a pork meatball, another with veggies, two I was not sure, but was good. PS My son went to their kitchen and watched them make some of the potstickers so he could come home and create for us!!
# 3 was a melon which I had never see, when you bite into it, it tastes similar to Kiwi, not really sweet.
#4 Was a sticky rice, which was probably my favorite and I looked for each time we were at a buffet.
#5 Was Chinese broccoli cooked with crisp soy beans in a delicate sauce.

This was our first banquet, with the lazy-susan with many kids of foods

This was our first banquet, with the lazy-susan with many kinds of foods

We were treated most days to banquets and all food was prepared and served on huge tables with lazy-susans that would revolve. As it did you would take what you wanted in small portions. The first time we ate at these banquets, we did not realize that they would keep adding food and we didnt have to fill up on something we found we liked in the beginning, the table would be filled with vegetables, meats, soups, steamed breads, some with meats and some with veggies) and usually they would serve greens and tomatoes, radishes, peppers at the end with a dressing that you dipped in out of the bowl, it would go directly into your mouth rather than on your plate.(The plates were small like a salad plate) as you can see in the above picture. There were always sauces, some would be hot, sweet, spicy or just soy sauce with minced garlic. They served tea if we wanted. I am currently looking for recipes to try at home, some I have seen others because I dont know what they were called I am looking at pictures in searches.

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