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Scruffy Our Furry Friend

I have the sad news of losing our furry friend “Scruffy” this weekend, he started breathing hard on Saturday night so Sunday morning we took him to the vet, they suggested that we have ex-rays and blood work. We had to leave him for 1/2 hour and they called and said “they needed to talk with us”, we knew this was not a good thing anytime a Dr. says that. So we hurried back to the vet and they revealed to us that his lungs were full of liquid (should us in a Syringe, which was pink in color) needless to say that was not good. She told us that because of the color it indicated blood in his lungs and that she had also found a lump in is lymph node and that it he had lymphoma, that his quality of life was being compromised, and said that she could give him steroids  except that it was only a temporary fix and that it could help with the (lymphoma cancer) but that when it came back, it would come back worse.

She left us to discuss what we should do, needless to say my husband and I were both in tears. Because “Scruffy” was 12+ years old we made the decision that we would have to let him go to sleep, I don’t like the word euthanize.  We stayed with him to make our goodbyes and when they gave him med to put him to sleep. We are missing him so much and our other cat “Digger” has been looking all over for him, although they didn’t always get a long, there was turf issues, who was alpha. Don’t think they ever figured that out both being males and yet sometimes they would lay together in the window.

“Scruffy” will be missed but not forgotten! He will be with us soon again after cremation!  Animals should outlive us, it is to hard to bear to lose them, they are such companions an show unconditional love, do such cute things and interact with us. But I will have his memories to ponder on. I wish your furry friends long and healthy lives.


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