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Good Friday to you all……..Hope everyone is doing well……Looking forward to the weekend…….Some of you may know that I have been taking charge of my health by changing my lifestyle, losing weight and for a month now, I joined a gym, yeah me, I did and I have been going 3 times a week.

24 Hour Fitness Super Sport Center on Centennial Blvd, Las Vegas, NV

So with that said I wanted to share my visit to the gym today, 24 Hour Fitness Super Sport Center here in Las Vegas, located on Centennial Blvd. Its a great gym with great staff, all the amenities, certainly more than I will ever utilize, but I am using some of the equipment. It is also authorized for Silver Sneakers senior program. You can read more about this program by visiting Active Aging and watch videos, check schedules and locations.

I have started taking yoga classes, (my first time for yoga) its sorta fun, I dont know what I am doing and I feel clumsy, lose my balance but they say it improves, (I hope). I feel more comfortable using the exercise equipment and there are plenty of machines to choose from, I started with the treadmill and then use the free form machines to work my upper body and arms. One step at a time, right?

Now my visit on Wednesday, included a Senior Citizens feature day with a contest that with a cardio obstacle course they had laid out, so I participated. We had to go through it twice, it definitely got my heart rate up, whew, I made it though!! And we were rewarded with 2 water bottles, a key chain and gym bag, perfect, I needed all of these, free!!! And by the way, if you have a 24 Hour Fitness Center in your state you can get a free pass to workout, with no obligation! Free!!

Ok, so after our little cardio contest they had, we were entertained by a performer from –Hayden Productions Vegas they produce shows here in Las Vegas. They had this huge bubble that was inflated with air.

Water Spheres Hayden Productions Las Vegas, NV

Whether on dry land or floating in the water. This beautiful form of acrobatic entertainment is a great addition to any event.

Looks like a clear beach ball. The bubble holds enough air to last for 20 minutes, is water tight and to enter the girl climbed in through a huge zipper . They walked her over to the edge of the pool where she was dropped in, and entertained us with her routine. It was great as you will see in the video. “You definitely have to be limber for this routine”. And nothing I have ever seen. So enjoy!!

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  • Jessica

    Good for you for joining a gym! Water spheres look so amazing. How fun to watch!

    Thanks for sharing this post on #SmallVictoriesSunday. Added to the Small Victories Sunday Pinterest board. Hope you will join in again next week!

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