5 Questions Why You Might Say "I Might Need That" 9 comments

I might need that

I came up with this the other day when I was looking around my garage and saw things I have been keeping, then my office and my closet, it occurred to me that we always say to ourselves “I Might Need That”. Thus writing this post:
So this is what I thought, copy the words ( I might need ) and in a comment write your 5 answers.
I might need those box for a later date (and there are now to many I have collected)
I might need that shirt (haven’t worn for a year)
I might need that container from the lunch meat (have a cupboard full)
I might need that cosmetic bag (I got from a gift with purchase and never used)
I might need that cord leftover from a pc (haven’t used for 2 years)

What are your “I might need” things you could share, will all get a kick out of reading.

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