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Offer: 10% off Regina Andrew Decor | Code: RA10 | Expires: 5/14/13 | Text Link: Zinc Door offers 10% off Regina Andrew Decor! Do you know someone who is moving in the near future? Whether they’re relocating for work or to be closer to family, now is the time to stock up on stylish and unique gifts for the home. A new place means a new beginning […]

10% off Regina Andrew Decor

I wanted to try soy candles and contacted Precious Gems Candles, they were gracious to send me my choice scent of Hibiscus Cooler an “infusion iced tea with lime and a sprig of cilantro”. It is wonderful, it has a very fragrant scent of a Hibiscus and considered a luxury candle. When you burn down the candle it will reveal […]

Precious Gem Candle Giveaway

I came up with this the other day when I was looking around my garage and saw things I have been keeping, then my office and my closet, it occurred to me that we always say to ourselves “I Might Need That”. Thus writing this post: So this is what I thought, copy the words ( I might need ) and in […]

5 Questions Why You Might Say "I Might Need That"

Prize: Jamboo Creations  HearthSoft custom made hearth cushion (A.L.L. Review) ARV $330 Hosted by: A Lucky Ladybug and A Ladybug on the Go Jamboo Creations was started by parents looking for the same solution to this normal problem encountered by tons of new parents! HearthSoft is the amazing creation made by these parents which is a protective AND comfortable cover for your fireplace. “Each HearthSoft™ […]

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