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Where Do You Find Ideas To Blog About? What and where do you find ideas to write about?  Ideas could come from reading articles, read a magazine article or watch a movie,you might write about an experience you have had, there are ideas everywhere…..except you might not recognize them yet. You might just have that “aha” moment and an idea can just come to mind after visiting someones blog or see something on Pinterest. I will cover the concept.

There are usually 4 forms where inspiration comes from:
1. Derivative: Meaning it comes from someone else’s content. Its not like your stealing, or plagiarism, its just a different take on the same idea, your explanation, your perspective. It could come from something you have seen on TV or just come from anywhere. If you use RSS feeds or Google Alerts you might find something new to create an interesting article. But of course if you use something from someone else site, you should always give them credit, derivative content is very common.

2. Inspiration: Similar to derivative ideas and can happen after we have read something, I do this after visiting and reading other blogs, searching on Pinterest. It could be an idea that you have had in the past and something you read recently “just came to mind”.

3. Experience: This comes from your experiences and that opens up a lot of topics and what the niche you have chosen to write about, recipes, crafts, blogging tutorials. This is totally unique content you write about to share.

4. Epiphany: Well like “Oprah would say,” an “aha” moment , something that just pops in your mind, and could have been there all along until something “jarred it loose” no matter how you get the idea, your inspiration and experience will be put together to cretet and write something new.

From the first 3, it is by inspiration and in your in control. The more you immerse yourself in reading no matter where that is, you will gain inspiration for you to write about. From experience good or bad you can still be inspired to write articles.

If you read… if you do… if you listen….. you will gain inspiration to write great articles and to convey good ideas to your readers. Who knows someone could be inspired from this article with their own ideas, a twist could provide a completely different outcome.

Need a little boost, I found several sites to help;
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How about you, ever get stumped with coming up with something to write about, hit a wall?

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    I steal most of my jokes and other send me tons of jokes. The only time I really write anything is on Wednesdays Question and Fragments. I used to write all the time when I was still working. It’s work now and I try to avoid work.

    Have a fabulous day. 🙂

  • Karren Haller Post author

    How funny you are you do it the easy way. I will have to try your way, more often. Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you this weekend too!
    Have a good one!

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