How Will You Create Positive Change? New Book!! 20 comments

 How Will You Create Positive Change?

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Last week I featured my friend Leah Ovieda, she is actively writing more books to help kids.  This is the first book in a series that encourages people to solve problems and create sustainable solutions in their communities.These agents of change are championing for human rights, education, health, environmental sustainability, ending violence, eradicating poverty, mentoring youth, improving their communities, and inventing products that create a better world.

You Can Find her On Facebook And Blogs and Her Site Called More Than A Girl

Leah Oviedo

Meet Leah Oviedo

I wanted to share my support in Leah’s Dream, to share her positive messages for the time she has taken to write a series of books. She has taken the time to share with positive information in this sometimes not so nice world, we appreciate you Leah!!

“Leah writes about How Will You Create Positive Change”?


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