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Fathers Day 2014 I hope you all have a great weekend planned!!  Because it is “Fathers Day” my grandson and I will be doing the cooking, this is a sample of whats planned. With infusions for vegetable skrews,  drunken potatoes, chicken, fish and shrimp. Learning from my son, (he’ll probably be helping too) he always knows just the right spices to use, no store bought when he cooks. I have told him he would have made a great chef! He can go to the store, read the ingredients, go home and create the best soups, just knowing the spices to use.
Our dinner will consist of my bbq ribs that are first baked in the oven with a rub I make, (See original post here with recipe) then I make a bbq sauce that we use when heating them up on the bbq. We will make my sons “beer chicken” that he coats with a rub and then bastes the chicken to gives it that crusted covering. We will make veggie skrews using red peppers, green peppers, baby onions, cherry tomatoes and zucchini, with his infusion of EVO, spices and lime and basted as they cook. Then some shrimp seasoned with garlic and spices and evo. We will use seasoned wood chips to help give everything a authentic smokey flavor, something missing when you use a gas grill (one of his secrets) Needles to say I know it will be deli-sh!

So what will you be creating for this weekend, would you like to share?
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  • karren Post author

    Hi Dawn, thanks for stopping by, I appreciate that you shared as well. Wishing you a great weekend.

  • karren Post author

    We have told him that many times, my husband says anything he fixes he will eat, and because my son is staying with us, hubby has 2 cooks. I used to be called the “Food Fairy” now Im a short order cook lol. I lost my wings…………
    Enjoy your weekend!!! Happy Fathers Day to those in your family!!

  • Joanna

    Great! I love it.
    Thanks for sharing up at “My Favorite Things- Linky Party”
    Have fun and don’t forget to join us each week!
    Be Creative Mommy

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