GPS tracker

The Inner Workings of the GPS Tracker
The Inner Workings of the GPS Tracker A GPS tracker works using three key components. Those are the user, the control system, and the 24 orbiting satellites. These satellites are orbiting the earth some 11,000 nautical miles into space. They are funded by the US Department of Defense, who also has full control over them. They control them by having […]

The Inner Workings of a GPS Tracker

XNSPY Tracker App for kids phones
Apple spy software: Parenting gear for treading through your child’s social media labyrinth  (Social Network) The biggest challenge that parents face these days is to decide when to give their child a personal cell phone. Parents have fears that are now beyond spending hundreds of dollars on a new iPhone or iPad for their kids. The battleground has changed and […]

How Safe Are Your Children Using iPhones and iPads?