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Recycling Water Bottles Into Planters

A lot of my readers know I acquired a greenhouse this year in hopes that I can grow some vegetables for us and I have been experimenting with some different ways of planting and wanted to share this one.

I had seen on Pinterest this idea of using water bottles to recycle into planters so I thought I would give it a try. Above in the picture I show you how to cut any water bottle to do just that. This bottle was a tall narrow one and I wanted plenty of room for the soil, 1) I cut it closer to the neck of the bottle 2) Keeping the cap I punched holes into it 3) Stacking the cut portion back into itself 4) I added some garden soil that has already has some growing nutrients to give the plants a start and planted my romaine lettuce I had started from seed 5) My completion of planting 6) Close up of my finished planter

Now to wait and see how the plants do, I have researched the net and have found lots of testimonials that say it works, especially for those living in apartments and where they dont have an area for planting and want to have some fresh greens.

All that is need now is some time and water once a week and we should be able to make a salad soon.

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Im wondering, do you plant any kind of vegetable garden or flowers, house plants? What kind of conditions do you have to plant, any challenges? Do you have tricks that you use or have you created fun planters? My son just built me lattices to use with my flowering growing vines.

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