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Well I took the big step…………I joined a gym to tone, relax and improve my health. And its all new to me, I found some pictures on Pinterest that show some of the yoga moves that I did in my first class. I will also be working out in the gym with a trainer to guide me through a separate workout. I am going to try for 3 days per week, 2 for yoga.

And as some of you may or may not know I have been on a what I call; “Health Shape for Life” (→ you can read my updated experience here← ) So onward, so everyone wants bottom line information. So from my experience and by using the Medifast program I still follow, I am on maintenance at 131 lbs.; size 10, which means I use 3 Medifast meals, and make 2 of my own, which includes two 4-5 ounce portions of protein, chicken, fish, tuna, beef, turkey along with a salad or 2 vegetables. I also can have up to 2 sugar free snacks that would include a sugar free drink, gum, snack pudding, sugar free jello. I have pretty much eliminated sugar from my food choices. I wont say entirely, as I do indulge once in a while. But with maintaining my regime I have been able to lower my blood pressure and stop taking prescription drugs for cholesterol!! My doctor is pleased and is apart of my “Health Shape for Life” program and continues to help me monitor my progress. And now, I am incorporating exercise to help me tone and gain strength and balance for a healthier me.

As an added note, my health coach has now lost 125 pounds since January 2013. You can see more about Rick Green on Facebook and you can read his journey ⇒Here

Here is a before and after of my Health Coach Rick Green- Through his My Health Coach Rick GreenHere’s is one of my favorite recipes; Parmesan Chips for your whole family, they are wonderful to add with a salad as they are crunchy, eat as a snack, they are only 1.5 grams of fat and 20 calories.

If you are at all interested in learning more you can check out my health coach website for more detailed information. You can, at no obligation request that information and he would be happy to answer any questions. Take Shape For Life

checking out of lululemon yoga boutique - DSC01256

checking out of lululemon yoga boutique – DSC01256 (Photo credit: sean dreilinger)


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