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I love to try new products and when it comes to body and skin care lotions I am particular in products I use as I have extremely dry skin an on occasion I have eczema, so when “Lovinah” contacted me to try their products  I was excited.My skin absorbs lotion like a dry sponge! Lovinah Skin Care Products “Lovinah”
I had never heard of this company “Lovinah” until they contacted me to offer product for me to try. They gave me the option of fragrances to try and I chose, Shea Lavender Ultra Moisturizing Lotion and Shea Rose Vanilla Ultra Moisturizing Natural Body Cream in a jar.  I must say that the fragrance of the lotion is so light and refreshing, usually the lavender is over powering.
Lovinah Body Lotion 2 Shea Lavender Ultra Moisturizing Lotion
The Shea Lavender Ultra Moisturizing Lotion lotion goes on smooth, is not greasy and absorbs quickly, leaving a hint of fragrance and makes my hands soft and smooth. The lotion is my favorite of the 2 products and I enjoy using it every time I wash my hands or after washing dishes.
Lovinah Body Cream 2 Shea Rose Vanilla Moisturizing Body Cream
The Shea Rose Vanilla Moisturizing Body Cream is wonderful after taking a shower, when my skin is moist it goes on and massages in nicely, the fragrance is clean, in the form of a cream, very pleasing to my nose. Since my skin is extremely dry I was anxious to see how this helps to alleviate my problem, and I was pleasantly surprised to find it leaves my skin soft without having to reapply again before dressing, as I usually have to do. The cream is a bit heavy so a little goes a long way.

Note of interest about Lovinah Skin Care Products: List of FAQ’s
Lovinah contains natural sunscreen and anti-inflammatory agents
Do not contain harmful ingredients or chemicals such as parabens, SLS or phthalates.
Artificial fragrances & dyes
Harmful Chemicals
Animal testing

Company Info:
Whats interesting about the company after visiting the website their mission statement is to ensure high standards of handcrafting their products with the high quality of natural ingredients. The natural butters, vitamins and emollient oils do wonders for the skin that aids in healing skin problems Including stretch marks.

They are also dedicate to having an impact on their Global kid project foundation by providing early scholarships to children in West Africa, which does separate them from other personal care product companies. They donate 20% of every purchase to scholarships.

You can visit Lovinah Naturals at their website or Amazon carries their products
Lovinah Naturals Shea Rose Vanilla Ultra-Moisturizing 8-ounce Lotion
Lovinah Naturals Shea Lavender Ultra-moisturizing Body Cream- 8oz

Think Natural, Think Lovinah
Stay true to Nature, because Nature is life. Nature is bliss. Nature is beautiful.

This product review is my personal opinion and may differ from others.  I received no financial compensation, however, I received the products free of charge for testing purposes for my review of the products.


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  • Michele

    It is hard for me to use any of the products out there these days-natural or not!! There is one that works for me but I won’t mention it here since I am a rep of the company! I may just try this one-if it helps your sensitive skin I may be able to use it.

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