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There are many reasons to use Lemons, and I found this great Infographic today and wanted to share.But first just a few reason why we should use lemon daily.
♦Boost Your Immune System Lemons contain Vitamin C and potassium, builds the immune system and reduces the phlegum
♦Balance pH Nautrally balances the pH balance in our bodies
♦Weight Loss Its widely known that drinking lemon water helps in weightloss, the reason is it contains natural pectin which helps fight hunger cravings
♦Aids Digestion Encourages the liver to create bile to digest foods
♦Helps Skin By improving the aklaine to kill bateria that can cause blemishes and improves the skin from inside out.
♦Hydrates The Lymph System
Improves energy, lowers blood pressure, improves clarity of thinking, so drinking warm water with lemon juice helps support the immune system
by hydrating ad replacing fluids lost by your body.
♦Natural Diuretic Flushes out toxins from our body

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