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Oh My Heartsie DIY Pedicures Karren-Host //Oh My Heartsie Girl // DIY Home Pedicures // There’s something special about having perfectly polished toes and smooth feet and a diy pedicure can be done at home for mere pennies “saving you a lot of cash”, and you will still have a perfect salon quality pedicure.
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Divider Rose and GlitzyOn Bliss Street 4-7 Co-Host Erica // On Bliss Street/ /Before After Kitchen Upgrade //Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! I’m sure you spent a lot of time in your kitchen- is it really the room you want it to be? If not, take a look at how I transformed my kitchen for $800! I give you all of the tutorials for all of the projects so you can do it yourself! My kitchen transformation has been featured on Hometalk and Apartment Therapy multiple times! Come see for yourself!
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Divider Rose and GlitzyJingle Jangle 4-7 Co-Host Mary Burris // Jingle Jangle Jungle//Who The Heck Is Paul McCartney//I worry about today’s generation, in that they seem a bit lackadaisical when it comes to caring about who some of our legends in music are. It seems they are all about the me and just dont seem to care. In this post, I discuss some disparaging events that took place this year and give some background on Sir Paul McCartney.
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Divider Rose and Glitzy4- Tool Box Divas Co-Host Timisha// ToolBox Divas // UPCYCLED HEADBOARD MADE WITH WOOD PANELING This headboard using reclaimed wood products is inspired by a Pottery Barn Bed. It offers a low cost solution for getting the look for less.
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Divider Rose and Glitzy4- CherishingCo-Host Christine // Cherishing A Sweet Life // Springtime in Paris Strawberry Macarons These cookies reminded me of Spring in Paris, with their lovely, pastel pink color and how one day I would love to stroll down the Champs-Elysee. Do a lot some shopping; stop in a café for some lunch, enjoy a café au lait with a couple of these beauties, and I’d be in heaven.
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Divider Rose and Glitzy4-7 Simply Wright Co-Host Ashleigh// Simply Wright //Why I Leave the Handprints on the Mirror // Why There is something special about the beautiful mess my baby leaves behind on the mirror with his handprints. Some might call it a mess, I just see tiny hands.
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Divider Rose and Glitzy4-7 Rabbits Are Not Easter Toys Co-Host Suzie // Bunny’s Review // Why I Love #Bunnies @HouseRabbit #MakeMineChocolate // With Easter here I am throwing a wrench into how I post Wordless Wednesday’s. I am posting pictures but the post is not wordless. I am trying to get a message out to the public. The message is to not buy a bunny as a pet for a child especially during Easter.
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Divider Rose and GlitzyCoupon Diva 4-7Co-Host Freda // Coupon Diva // 7 Steps To Spring Cleaning Your Finances
Spring time is here and we are all giving our home a good spring cleaning. Make sure that your give your finances a good spring cleaning as well.
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Divider Rose and Glitzy4-7 Parental JourneyCo-Host Marina // Parental Journey// 50 Life Lessons You Should Teach Your Kids Lots of parents are complaining that what are kids are taught in schools is not going to be relevant in their adult lives. You may agree with that, or disagree, that doesn’t matter. We all know that there are some more important things and lessons we should be teaching our kids.  Twitter | Instagram | Google+ | Facebook | Pinterest
Divider Rose and Glitzy4-7 Ask Latisha Co-Host Latisha // AskLatisha // Is God a Great Big Tease //Been seeing answers to alot of prayers almost coming to be, but not quite. Every single one is just dangling in front of me, but coming no closer. What’s going on?
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Divider Rose and Glitzy4-7 KiwiCo-Host Sarah Hamlin //Living Intentionally// Kiwi Chips // Dehydrating is a great way to use up your fruits and veggies that are about to go bad. Not only is it easy to do with minimal prep & cleanup, but its healthy, frugal, delicious, & a great way to extend the life of your food. Kiwi is usually responsibly priced so it is a good 1st starter fruit to work with when 1st starting out. Learn how quick and easy it is to make a delicious healthy kiwi chips.
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Divider Rose and Glitzya Peek Into my paradise Pancake breakfast Co-Host Cathy// A Peek Into My Paradise// Pancake Breakfast Bars Recipe Cathy is always to busy to make the traditional breakfasts so she created a Pancake Breakfast bar, using your favorite ingredients, nuts, granola or fruit, you make ahead, place in a ziplock and freeze until ready to pop in microwave for a few seconds for a handheld breakfast for those on the go.
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Divider Rose and Glitzy4-7 Kori Co-Host Kori Tomelden// Just Another Mom // 10 Myths About Autism Spectrum Disorder True and False ideas about Autism.10 myths about autism spectrum disorder. Just ten of many, I imagine. And here’s to working towards acceptance, not just awareness for individuals with autism.
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Divider Rose and Glitzy4-7 The WHole ServingCo-Host Celeste Meredith // The Whole Serving // Roasted Tomato ChutneySmooth, This stuff is absolutely fantastico! Mixed it with soup, with a bowl of veggies, pasta salad, or simply on grilled toast, it makes a great appetizer.
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Divider Rose and Glitzy4-7 Math Lovin Momma Co-Host Katrina Phelan // The Math Lovin’ Momma // Getting My Body Back My April challenge for myself! It’s time for this Momma to make some healthy changes. No time like the present!
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