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China Trip New Update: Its a Definite!!! Were Going!!!

Travel suitcaseThe decision is made, the tickets are set, the trip is planned, now to get ready, what to do first. Well I have been shopping for 3 weeks already, it will still be cold there so instead of shopping for spring I have to shop for layers, but thats fun, I have found some wonderful light jackets, tops and scarves, I plan on wearing them with everything. 2 pair of shoes, a new purse and some new jewelry and some I will create to accessorize. The clothes I have chosen are business dress and no formal events. Its been a long time since I was able to dress up everyday, so I feel a little giddy. One of my concerns are shoes, comfortable but stylish as I am sure we will do a lot of walking.

Well I have until April 17th, which is further out than originally planned but with this kind of trip and 5 people going it took time, lots of changes.

So who’s going……….My husband, my son, our friend that was born in Taiwan, speaks fluent Chinese and a friend that is a Doctor in Soils Sciences, from California. We are going for business for my husbands company of which we are all involved in the business in one way or other. I used to do a lot more than I do now, I do a lot of computer software guidance for my husband, secretary and my son.

We will be flying to HONG KONG a 7429 miles, 14 hour 45 minute flight and have almost a 12 hour layover in HONG KONG before flying to Shenyang, China, another 1456 miles, 3 hours 50 minutes. Hopefully we will get to tour a bit while there, I am hoping so, only if only a few hours.

I am hoping that I will be able to journal daily on my laptop. I will surely be taking lots and lots of pictures to come back and share.

{Whats In My Suitcase} is next in series

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14 thoughts on “China Trip New Update

  • Robert Kennedy III

    I have not had the opportunity to go to China yet but would absolutely love it. Not sure if I am looking forward to that much time on a plane 😉 but I’m sure the trip will make it worth it.

  • Karren Haller Post author

    Hi Francene, its nice to meet you and will be stopping by. Thank you for stopping by, I hope to take a ton of pictures and then write about my travel. Have a great week.

  • Karren Haller Post author

    Hi Robert, actually I am not looking forward to the length of the trip on the plane, I am trying not to think about that, but what I can do while in flight. Thank you for stopping by I appreciate it. I am reading your post about Skitch and looks like a app I could use as I like to write short tutorials. I am happy that you have stopped by, enjoy your week, Karren

  • mandy

    That;s amazing that u are going to China, too bad u only have 12 hours in HK (that’s where i am from) but i know you will have lots of fun in china! just make sure u try to drink bottle waters instead of their water, just in case ya know?! and u are lucky to have a chinese going with you, although Taiwanese mandarin is a bit different from mainland mandarin, but that’s a whole lot better than nothing. oh try not to eat any “delicacies” in china. if you can speak a few words in mandarin and know how to use chopsticks, u are IN! 🙂 have fun!

  • Karren Haller Post author

    Hi Mandy, I will take your advise to heart, and being in HK for only 12 hours is the pits cause if we leave the airport then we have to go through the hoops of customs again and we dont want that. We are very lucky to have our friend that will help especially with any translations. he travels there a lot so I am sure we will be fine. And truts me, no “delicacies” for me!! I love the advice and thank you for stopping by, I appreciate it. Have a great week, Karren

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