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Century Plant Wickenberg AZ

Century Plant Wickenberg AZCentury Plant 5-4 #2 900

Century plant 6-4 900I thought I would share an update on the Century Plant I wrote about in February, that is growing in Wickenburg, Arizona on our families ranch. I didnt think I would get pictures of the plant blooming, but our landscaper took pictures for us, I am so glad he did. I mentioned in the earlier post that they only bloom once a century and then sadly the plant dies, as the energy and chemical inside the plant that it takes to produce the bloom also kills the plant.  But before it dies it sends out another shoot for a new plant.

The Century plant growing in the background is from a former plant. It is already good size but we dont know how old it is nor when it will bloom. They can take up to 10 years to grow before blooming and do well in drought conditions.

The plant has can grow a couple feet a week until it reaches up to 20 feet high. Then it blooms and has lofty flower spikes.  At this point it is taller than the house and the blooms only last a short time. Note: The Century plant is actually in the agave family.


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