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With so many baby shower decorations on the market today {and the cost factor}, making your own is not only cost effective but easy and fun too!

Supplies you'll need:

  • About 6 yards of baby shower themed ribbon { 2 inches wide}
  • One inch wide coordinating ribbon ( Hanger)
  • Rose petals {100}
  • Ink ( Chalk ink works best) or acrylic paint, small spray bottle
  • 9 inch Styrofoam ring
  • Small straight pins
  • Large corsage pins
  • Glue gun
  • Mixed embellishments of flowers, half back pearls, any kind of bling ,small fabric butterflies, boa.
  • Scissors, and a lighter

 Click on any picture to get a lager image.

To began, prepare your flowers.If your going to use paint take your small spray bottle and fill it almost to the top with water, add your paint however much you want {less makes the paint lighter) and shake well.Find something to put the flowers in and spray away using a paper plate to lay them on to dry { foam plates work best and they won't stick} If using ink go ahead and ink them up. Set aside to dry. You can use your heat guns { or blow dryer to dry them} Or do this step the day before you plan on making your decoration.

Whatever you choose {Ink or paint} make sure to cover any surface your working on. I use a craft mat they clean up easy.

While the flowers are drying , begin working on the ring.Start with centering the hanger using  the smaller ribbon.

Either mark it or just go ahead and pin, or glue like the photo below.

Snip off a bit of your larger ribbon now and lightly run your lighter along it's edge to keep it from fraying.Center that end right onto the two smaller ribbons you just pinned {Hanger} Take a bit of glue and glue it down over the two ends sticking out.Pull the two small ribbon apart so when you warp the lager ribbon up and over it as the large goes between the two small ribbons like the photo below.

Bring large ribbon over to the top and glue secure.Wait for glue to set and dry, and grab a hold of the hanger to move those ribbons out of the way and start to wrap all the large ribbon around the ring making sure you position the ribbon at an angle at each wrap.You should use a bit of hot glue like every fourth wrap to help tack the ribbon to the ring.
Now your ready to add your flowers. Start at either end { top or bottom} make your first flower by taking a bit of glue and applying to the ring and using the very end of the rose petal to do so. Once you do this work around inside of the ring first adding petals then working your way around the ring, just keep gluing them any pattern you wish!

Don't worry about getting every spot, once your finished you can look it over and add more petals in spots you missed by simply pulling apart the petals and inserting another one in,or you can fill them with boa! So pretty that way!

 After you've laid down the boa, add your butterflies. If you wish to color them do so along with your petals. Take a small straight pin or corsage pin and stick it thru the butterflies middle and insert this into the boa and Styrofoam ring.The corsage pins with the pearl tops work really good when you want the butterfly to sit up higher and you won't need to cover the pin head.

Now your ready to add the rest of your embellishments!

Here i used the lager flowers to cover the inside of the rings petals.
You can also now use them anyway you'd like adding flat back pearls to the centers of the flowers, fill in empty spaces and so on! Put a couple of the embellishment flowers onto the other side to even out the structure of the ring.Best of of all use what you'd like for this decoration! All you need is the basic know how! ENJOY:)


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