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Welcome to Google Plus Marathon Mondays!

This linkup is all about building a REAL community of like-minded bloggers on G+ and helping each other reach more people.
IMPORTANT: This linkup is different from others you might have been to before, so please read the following instructions CAREFULLY.

Here’s how it works:

1. Follow everyone listed below in the Influencer Area. This area is reserved people who have won the Influencer Award for Outstanding Social Media Engagement This is our way of rewarding them for being courteous linkup participants. If you’ve received an Influencer Award and installed the badge on your site, feel free to submit your link there.
2. Add the link to your Google Plus profile below.
3. Search G+ for the hashtag #gplusmonday and see what other awesome bloggers are up to.
4. If you like their stuff, be generous with +1s, comments and shares, and always use the hashtag #ibabloggers!
5. Come back to search for #gplusmonday AT LEAST every Monday to continue supporting this community. There’s no need to submit your link again as you’ll already be on our list, but you’ll really miss out on the benefits of this linkup if you don’t come back. Why? Keep reading.


1. Google will show your content to more people if it’s getting +1s, comments and shares.
2. Bloggers generally like to help people who help them, so the friends you make will be worth the effort.
3. Each week, we’ll be watching the use of our hashtag to see who has earned an influencer award. If you receive a nomination and install the badge on your site, you’ll be able to submit your link to our influencer area and everyone who joins up will be required to follow you.
Does that make sense? If not, leave a comment and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

So… are you ready to party?

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Paula from Paula Buenos Aires, Julia from Minivan Dreams, Karren from Oh My Heartsie, Marg at,

Brittany from, and Katy from Chaos and Kiddos: Mommy’s Survival Guide

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