A Story of Staying 39 for 3 Years!

Ok so I’m going to telling my age, sorta, but that’s ok, have to own up to it sometime. I remember when I was getting ready to turn 39, my kids asked how old I was, I said 39, now here’s the funny part for a minute. The next year they ask me “how old are you mom, 39?” I said yes!  Then the next year, the same, “how old are you mom, 39?” again I said yes!………….well…….not to long after, I was filling out an application and had to write in my age (not just the date) so all of a sudden, I had to figure it out, how old was I?  

I had been fibbing and forgot, to my surprise when I had to grab “3” years, that made me 42!!  I did… not… like that, so from that day forward, I vowed not to “ever” fib about my age again, so now, I take each year with pride. I figure I deserve everyone and its better to take each year one at a time. 

Have you ever done this?

So age brings me to what I want to share and is for those  of us that are over 55+ and a has some great opportunities for samples, rewards, coupons and sweepstakes, that’s right we have sweepstakes just for our age group.  There are also helpful ideas and recipes for diabetics.

Here is one of the offers I received in an email: 

Have any of you had a chance to see Curtis Stone cook? I love his dishes and the Aussie accent. 
Get a free copy of his Take 5 recipe booklet and add some spice to your cooking! 

There is no cost to join, you just visit the website, sign up  and receive the same information that I do. They have a great website and you can visit and join at Senior Deal News  

Let me know what you think!!!

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