Recent Guest Post For Mommies Point Of View~Aspirin

Recently I was reading a magazine about using a simple aspirin to remove stains from clothes, 
ok, I thought it was only for headaches, well I had to go research and found this short video that
explains how to remove sweat round the collar.

Then you can also use aspirin I your wash to whiten your dingy clothes, here’s how!
But first what is aspirin made of: acetyl salicylic acid Hub Pages I found many uses for aspirin, besides headaches to include, an amazing facial with aloe vera, exfoliate foot scrub, white collars, is used in acne treatments, fresh cut flowers, and the list can go on.
And here are a few websites that I will share for more details 

Remove sweat stains from t-shirts
Restore hair damaged by chlorine
Pimple First Aid
Keep cut flowers fresh
Treat dandruff
Ease mosquito bites and bee stings
Treat fungal soil infections
Prevent fungus in compost
Remove grass and nicotine stains from hands

The information used in this guest post was from my own experience and other websites through Google Search, Karren Haller
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