Vintage Italia Pasta Chips Review

Pasta Chips Footer1I recently saw these Pasta Chips™ from Vintage Italia on another blog and went to look for them in the store. Well the stores here did not yet carry them, so I contacted the company and they offered to send me samples and I agreed to do a review.

At our house we like to be careful of salt intake for health purposes and when I read the nutrient content I was pleasantly surprised that they contain minimal amounts of sodium. They sent me 5 different flavors, Sea Salt, Alfredo, Spicy Tomato Herb, Garlic Olive Oil. Each has a distinct flavor, I think my favorite is Alfredo!  And as you know pasta is an Italian favorite and as the story goes about how these chips were created it was Jerry Bello being served fresh pasta dough, lightly seasoned with olive oil and sea salt and gently baked, from there the rest is now history with the Pasta Chips™ line. Each flavor of chips is seasoned to create a different taste for everyone’s palate.

Alfredo Pasta Chips

♦ The Alfredo has a buttery taste with parmigiano-reggiano cheese these are my favorite.Sea Salt Pasta Chips♦ Sea Salt are simply seasoned with sea salt and crisp

Marinara Pasta Chips
♦ Marinara Marina are seasoned with arrabiata sauce to give them a spicy flavor. is used to give these a classic flavor while being crisp

Spicey Tomatoe Pasta Chips

♦ Spicy Tomato Herb
♦ I missed a pic for this one. Garlic and Olive oil as it says, the aroma when opened reminds me of cooking fresh garlic. These chips have 60% less fat than traditional chips and are made of Durum Semolina flour and olive oil and herbs baked not fried which creates a crisp chip. Cant stop with just one. You can use these in many recipes, appetizers, along with your favorit dips, main dishes, and Kicken Italian Nachos.

Kickin’ Italian Nachos – 6 Minute Recipe

  • Ingredients• Bag of Spicy Tomato Pasta Chips
    • Can of diced tomatoes
    • Store bought minced garlic
    • Fresh basil/dried basil flakes
    • Shredded mozzarellaTo Prepare:Layer ingredients according to personal taste, pop in the oven at 425 for 5 minutes.

You can find more recipes and coupons on their website and locate a store near you, for you to buy and try them. Pasta Chips from Vintage Italia And find them socially at links below.


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