Surfing The Tweets About Back-To-School

I had the idea this morning when I was checking Tweets that there is always messages we might miss so I wanted to share a few that might be of interest to families looking for ways to save money on school related ideas

It’s Time! Please don’t forget to @dosomething by helping @staples collect school supplies for kids in need! — bella thorne (@bellathorne)

Wait to buy school supplies until after the first few days of school. Some teachers don’t use everything on the list. #SavvyTip — SavvyMoneyTip (@SavvyMoneyTip)

Free eBook for Kindle or Computer (UK & US) Quitting is for Winners Guide + Toolkit by Stewart Snyder #Entrepreneurship— Free eBooks Daily (@FreeEbooksDaily)

Back to School Craft Ideas | Pin it Tuesday #Pinterest via @MyBaybah — Trisha Grimes (@BabyEsMomma)

Pottery Barn Kids Birthday Club: Join the Pottery Barn Birthday Club and your child will get a personalized bir… — Free Sample Momma™ (@freesamplemomma)

Have a great day, Karren

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