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Here is the information I promised, please check out all the links, I just signed up with the Social Media Examiner, and wrote an introduction. Hope you will too!!!

This website is secure  and they have huge staff that contributes articles, information and tutorials and videos. And you will find Amy Porterfield there to guide you through the same great tutorial on how to works with your business fanpage (and more). This is one of the best websites I have found to help make my way through the jungle of social media nightmare and hope you will find it helpful too!!

Amy Porterfield Fanpage
Amy Porterfields Blog

And the Big One where you will find more information on Social Media all in one place, they have a club you can join and its free now and always FREE!!

They have clubs for Facebook discussions Small Business and Blogging

It is called Social Media Examiner  and you can visit this page and 
watch an introduction and learn how to sign up……for free!!!

Here is yet more articles:
10 Way to Make Money Blogging
How To Make Money On Twitter

And a question, do you think that you need more information of this nature? Would it be beneficial to you?
Let me know as it is my desire to help my readers.

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