My Ideas On Our Thanksgiving Meal Preparation

Good morning, well I am thinking about Thanksgiving and what I should prepare for our dinner, first I have to consider that my hubby is diabetic, so should I fix ham or should it be the traditional turkey,
I have always made turkey & dressing, (and we bake ours upside down,
in a brown paper bag, yes that’s right in a paper bag, husbands trick),
then there is my green bean casserole
(now this is not Cambells recipe with soup)
this is my scrumptious recipe my family and friends live for
(I’ll share that recipe after while),
Heres the Recipe as I have written it for my kids
Ok then I cant make many things that are white in color,
that would rule out white potatoes, no white rolls, so I can fix yams or
sweet potatoes “but not to sweet” (but I like the kind with eggs and pecans on top)
then green vegetables “like broccoli”
and wheat rolls, oh and I will, on
husbands request make him cranberry sauce (not to sweet)
For a Salad (s)
 Now, should I have a green salad with lots of colorful vegetables or a fruit salad
(like a pistachio jello salad with pineapple & marshmallows)
or my grandmothers traditional with fresh bananas
tropical fruit in a cooked glaze mixed with cool whip? This takes some time but oh so good!
Then there’s Desert (s)
Well I have to make Pumpkin Pie with whipping cream that’s a no brainier,
(he will have to refrain but I bet he wont)
and I will make him a lemon meringue pie (I need a recipe for this that is tart and has
a thick lemon filling with a stand high meringue does anyone have on?)
Then the other desert
then traditionally for about 25 years I make my “Cherry Slice“,
now this is not a normal cherry slice recipe
this is one that I put a twist on and for years my kids have requested their own pan
for Christmas so that was 4x,
what does that tell you, it is to die for and you can’t leave
alone until its all gone, (why I only make it during the holidays) and share.
(I’ll share that recipe too) Coming
So far turkey and dressing, my green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, broccoli,
wheat rolls, salads and 3 deserts
Oh and then there’s some appetizers to keep my hubby out of the kitchen.
How about some deviled eggs, cheese ball & crackers and a veggie tray,
that ought to hold him until dinner
Now on T day, my husband is into the “BIG game” so we have to eat before the game
then he will fall asleep anyway before the game is over (if its good or bad) so I can go onto
my crafts and making jewelry or a nap.

So what do you think is this enough, think I should get started?

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