My First Skin Cancer Experience

Breast Cancer Awareness is an important message each year and last year I had a whole month long campaign with giveaways messages, stories, and ways to fight breast cancer, the campaign was called “Stomp Out Cancer”. This year I am working with “Celebrate Women” in their campaign called Breast Cancer Relay, it is all about spreading the message about breast cancer awareness and how important it is to get mammograms.

For your edification and more information about Breast Cancer you can visit The Breast Cancer Site to read more, you can donate and purchase many products that help to support breast cancer awareness.
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Fight melanoma (1) Skin Cancer Alert “My Own Experience”
As an example of fighting cancer is earlier detection, and just his past week I had an experience myself.  About one month ago, on my hand I had a growth pop up on my hand, it grew to be to be 4 centimeters wide and about 2 1/2 centimeters tall, I was concerned because it came so quickly. So I made an appointment with the dermatologist, visiting with him, at first look he didnt seem to concerned but removed it and sent for a biopsy, well within a few days the results came back and it was a “basal cell carcinoma” mole, non life threatening, non melanoma type of skin cancer, but never the less a type of cancer, so now I am scheduled to have a bit of surgery to remove any traces of the cancer, which means that they will go back in and go deeper to remove any cells that remain.

So taking the time and to be aware of any changes that happen to the skin is your best preventive measure to get the care that is needed to diagnose and treat these problems that might arise. Be sure to always use sun screens summer and winter. Protect yourself and your family!! Have you or a family member has an experience with skin cancer?

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