Living A Sedentary Lifestyle Will Pack On The Pounds.



By Alice Coaxum

We live in a world filled to the brim with technology. We've got gadgets that do this and do that, gadgets that simplify our lives in many ways. You don't even have to go grocery shopping, you can just hop on the internet, go to the store of your choice and let your fingers do the walking and someone else will do all of your shopping for you which you can pick up or simplify it even further by allowing them to bring your purchase to you.

Need a new wardrobe, no need to take a ride to the mall when you can head to the closest website and pick out all the clothing you'll ever need and accessories too. I love shopping online! So many steals and deals.

Want to see a friend or family member? You don't have to walk, catch the bus or gas up the car, you can just turn on video chatting software such as Skype and just like that, you can have a visit with your loved one.

Many people work from home, many are homeschooling their children, surfing the internet and playing video games online. So many people are sedentary today due to aches and pains and health issue that can be the result of living a sedentary lifestyle. Does this really make sense? No it doesn't.

Being sedentary can shave years off of your life when it results in various health disorders. There isn't a short cut to staying healthy. There is no app that can make you healthy. It involves you and work, plain and simple. Health is worth working towards and fighting to keep.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying modern conveniences or working from home but we must compensate for that lack of movement. Fitness is not an option, it's a must.

Factor in eating all types of unhealthy convenience food and that makes for a recipe for disaster. Weight gain and health problems are a result of living this way.

Want to lose weight and get healthier? Add movement into your life:

Go outside and take a walk, ride your bike, work out to an awesome workout DVD without ever leaving your home. Get active. It doesn't have to be all or nothing. Start with just five minutes and build from there. As you start eating better and filling your body with the nutrients you need, you'll have more energy and you'll want to be active.


Alice Coaxum is a happily married homeschooling mother of 4 teenage daughters. She is a Beachbody Coach help others to improve their health and fitness, writer and web host. You can create a free account at Team Beachbody to track your measurements, log your workouts and make new friends and workout buddies.

*Alice Coaxum is an Independent Beachbody Coach.

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