Linkies Linkies Conest Website Review 2

Linkies Linkies Contest website is one of the best places to advertise and promote your events. I wrote about Kevins website a while back and shared the services that he offers.

Another page on his site is for companies that will work with companies.

Now, without my knowing, Kevin from Linkies Linkies Contests, picked up one of our events and posted it on the front page of his website so I could offer the event to more people to sign up, since I was offering 2 Free Links, I thought it was a good idea to open up the doc for more signups, right?

Linkie's contest linkies 

Now I have watched his website from infant stages grow into a very impressive site where he promotes events and contests from all over the world, but thats not all, there is a page of companies listed that work with bloggers, so if you have not visited his site, I am inviting you to do so.

Oh and did I say, you can also find other giveaways to enter for chances to win and he also lists for Male PR Review/Giveaway blogs as well.

Here is the first post about Kevin I wrote back a few months ago.{Click Here

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