New Little Lady In The House


Sabrina is the newest addition to our family as our grandson wanted a pet of his own, he really wanted a snake but will forgo that for a while so he and his dad went to PetCo last weekend and found this precious little dainty lady. They fell immediately in love with her and made the adoption. She is 1 1/2 years old, still growing and I think only weighs about 3 lbs. She is all back including her whiskers except for a star on her chest.  She has the tiniest feet and the longest tail I have ever seen which she loves pulled.

Right now our other cat Digger, is not real happy that she has taken up residence, he wants to play and she wants nothing to do with him yet. He is so patient and just sits and watches her. She is full on energy and bounces everywhere, including as you can see the glowing eyes behind our big screen TV, since she is so small she was able to get in and back out of there easily, but not so easily out from behind the washer & dryer.  Another crazy thing is, she discovered cheddar pops and loves to eat them. So as we learn to live with her, it will be fun and interesting to see her reactions with Digger!!! Meow Meow
Purrs & Hugs

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