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Luxury Home Décor in 2017 – Sustainability is Key

It looks like luxury home décor is centered on sustainability this 2017. From nature-inspired elements to tech-enable products spread around the house, going green is no longer a trend, but a necessity. Over the past 10 years we’ve seen many dramatic changes happening in home design and interior décor. Increasingly more manufacturers have started focusing on using materials that are more transparent in ingredients, therefore healthier for buyers. With solar panels going mainstream, and water efficient systems, there’s no doubt that technology has changed completely the functionality of a home.  Luxury home décor in 2017 – sustainability is key

Luxury walk-in closets

All women dream about having a spacious walk-in closet where they can store shoes, clothes, have a make-up section, and more. The trends are quickly shifting from closets to “mini private boutiques” made with recovered and recycled wood for a touch of sustainability. As far as design is concerned, nuances of ivory, light beige and even a little gold convey luxury and minimalism. There’s a lot you can do with sustainable materials. Repurpose old furniture and include it inside the dresser. Whether it’s an old chair, nightstand or mirror, you can repaint them to make your de-luxe closet stand out.

Rug made of old clothes

How many bags of clothes do you throw out every year? Those that choose to keep them, often store them someplace in the basement and forget all about them for years. A very cool trend in home décor this 2017 is the rug made of old clothes. Woven textiles can match any type of décor; whether yours is modern and upbeat, retro-like or industrial, a rug made of old clothes might be the missing puzzle key to an excellent home design. Check the web for some inspiration of weaving techniques, and then move on to selecting the colors. Place your new rug in the kitchen, bedroom or living area. It’s sustainable, intriguing, and comfortable. Why spend extra when you can make the perfect rug all by yourself? Recycled glass accessories

Recycled glass accessories

Glass can be used in many different ways when decorating a home to make it look luxurious. Upcycled glass, in particular, doesn’t cost anything. You can just chop a few wine bottles and then glue them together to make a beautiful decorative bowl. But if you’re not that experienced or just don’t want to do it, there are thrift shops and flea markets from where you can buy such products. Use the finest ones to adorn a coffee table and add a touch of drama into your home. Such accessories can be excellent focal points, so why not take advantage of their potential?

Bamboo curtains and shades

Bamboo is a high-quality fabric free of any chemicals. It is eco-friendly, durable, and long-lasting. You can use bamboo for lots of purposes. However, curtains and shades made of this material will give your home a fresh, new vibe. Decide on a color palette or print that best complements your sense of style. This season, shades of dark burgundy, cherry, and purple are in high demand. As for the shades, we recommend bamboo shutters. They work amazingly in the kitchen and bathroom, but can also be used in the dining and living area.

Shop for eco-friendly, vintage furnishings and accessories

Luxury is by no means limited to high-end furniture with golden accents and architectural cuts that cost thousands of dollars. Believe it or not, there are ways to make your home exude that feeling without breaking the bank. For a stylish home, shop for furnishings and accessories from vintage shops. Such places often have eco-friendly furnishings – either very old or repurposed pieces that might fit perfectly into your home décor. Before buying anything, ask they use low-chemical paint to restore the items, or if the products they have on display are made of natural fibers. Playfulness can also define luxury, and the more color you add into your home, the more chances you have to make it breathe sustainability. Shop for eco-friendly, vintage furnishings and accessories

There are lots of ways to make your home seem both luxurious and sustainable whatever the budget. If you can afford to spend, then do it. Eco-friendly products are chemical-free, which is great if you have small kids that need a high quality crib mattress, for example. If you don’t, find ways to repurpose the furniture you already and put your imagination to good use.

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