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15 Rules New Soccer Moms Should Follow


It’s exciting watching your kids play soccer for the first time. As they progress, you probably find yourself become more immersed in the game as well. Then, when they really get into it, it can become a little harrowing because you realize you are becoming a soccer mom. Don’t be ashamed of that title! Live it up and enjoy those games with your kids.soccermom


  1. Learn the Game – When you don’t understand the rules of the game, it’s more difficult to cheer your little ones on. So, get cracking on learning the basics of soccer. This will also come in handy if your child doesn’t completely understand it yet either. You can sit down with her and explain what the different positions are and what penalties mean.
  2. Don’t Take It More Seriously Than Your Kids – Almost nothing is worse than that parent standing on the sidelines yelling at the referee for a “bad call,” especially when the kid is beet red with embarrassment. If your child realizes that he stepped out of bounds or made an illegal play, he knows he should be sitting out or is deserving of that penalty. Shouting and drawing more attention to the mistake only breeds humiliation and resentment.
  3. Remember That You are Not the Coach – Always remember that you are not the coach. For one thing, the actual coach will appreciate it. There is a difference between cheering for your child and coaching her. When she’s out on the field, she needs to be able to hear what her coach is telling her so that she can run the correct play without worrying about disobeying you if your opinions don’t match up.
  4. Celebrate in Your Own Way – Everyone has a way to celebrate victories. Create one for yourself and your child. It’ll be a treasured memory when he gets older and looks back on his days as a young soccer player.
  5. Remember That Loss Happens – Keep in mind that every team loses at some point. When it happens to your favourite team of pint-sized players, don’t be harsh toward your child, the coach or the referee. It’s a fact of life that things don’t always go as planned. The loss of a game is also a great opportunity for helping kids understand that losing sometimes is a fact of life that can be overcome.
  6. Keep a First Aid Kit Handy – Soccer can be a bit brutal. Chances are, your kid will get kicked occasionally or will sustain a few cuts and bruises along the way. Make a habit of having a basic first aid kit nearby. Those multicoloured bandages will come in handy.
  7. Clear Your Schedule – Brand new soccer moms may not realize how many afternoons, evenings and mornings can be filled with practices and games. So, make sure you keep your schedule open for all of the events and practices. You’ll want to be there for your kid as often as you can, and he will appreciate having you there.
  8. Get Used to Doing Laundry – No sport is clean, but soccer produces some of the dirtiest clothes imaginable. Grass stains, mud and sweat will cake your kid’s clothes. You’d better get used to doing the laundry a little more often than you did before you were a soccer mom.
  9. Ignore the Stereotypes – There may be a negative stereotype attached to “soccer moms,” but you don’t have to be that person. If you drive a van, so what? Don’t let the negativity of others get you down. Just remember, you are there to cheer on your child, not worry about what others think.
  10. Keep Snacks Handy – Running around will work up an appetite. Keep healthy snacks handy for your child to nibble on after a game or practice.
  11. Be the Hydrating Machine – Hydration is the key element to any form of exercise. Make sure your child stays properly hydrated throughout games and practices. No one wants to rush to the hospital for dehydration.
  12. Be Open to New Friends – You just met a whole new group of parents that you may never have met otherwise. Be open to becoming friends with them. You’ll be seeing each other a lot during the soccer season and you all share at least one common interest.
  13. Reinforce Rules about Not Kicking Balls Inside the House – If you don’t want broken lamps scattered around your house, you might want to reinforce any rules you may have about no kicking balls indoors. It’s easy on a rainy day for your child to be tempted to kick the ball around due to boredom, but there’s a time and a place for that, and it’s not inside.
  14. Encourage, Don’t Discourage – Always be a positive force for your child. If they lose a game, keep it upbeat. If they are called out of a game, turn it around so they can see the positive side of the situation.
  15. Think About the Off Season – Keep in mind that during the winter months, there are often indoor soccer teams available for kids to join. So, if your kid doesn’t have a winter sport she plays, just take her to an indoor soccer practice. She’ll love it!

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