A Favorite Post~Cherry Slice~

Favorite Posts ~Cherry Slice~ I want to share that have been commented on and this one is a favorite for me to re-share as it is a traditional recipe in our family for over 40 years!! I first found the recipe in the newspaper and adapted it, as it had candied cherries in it I didnt care for and didnt think my kids would either, so I switched it up and started making it with  maraschino cherries and chopped walnuts. It is actually made in 2 steps with a butter cookie crust, baked for about 25 minutes then adding the chopped cherries, nuts and egg mixture that would be similar to a pecan pie. It is a favorite of my neighbors as they ask for me to bring it to parties.

And on a sad note I made them for a friend that was in hospice, her husband took them to her to share. They always teased each other about sharing the last square during the holidays.
Cherry Slice A Family Tradition
You can find all the ingredients and tips on how to take it out of the pan for easy cutting. Read More…. Please help me share to Pinterest today with my thanks 🙂

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