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Spice up Your Business Style with Shades of Gray
Spice up Your Business Style with Shades of Gray
It is a misconception that business outfits have to be plain and boring. Although the work environment is far less tolerant for fashion experiments, the professional look should not strip you of your style. Gray is the ultimate color for sleek business outfits, along with navy, black, and cream.
Here are some of the ideas on how you can play with different shades of gray (from shades of fossil and porpoise gray to silver and charcoal) and incorporate them in your business style, along with tasteful details and color combinations.

Elegant Country Style
Forget business dress for a second and think about the glorious British country style. Is there anything more minimalistic, yet elegant than the country clothing in the UK? I don’t think so. High quality tweed (such as the Harris Tweed) is just perfect for the cold season, not only the material looks fantastic, but it’s also surprisingly warm. Tweed country clothing is available to be purchased online from retailers in the UK such as Equestrian Co.

Chic and Minimalistic
For a professional and mature look, stick with the basics and opt for a two-colored combination. Try the following style: wear straight 7/8-length business pants in black color (the ones with rolled up ends give you a dash of business-casual), a simple stretch-cotton black t-shirt and a gray tartan tweed business jacket. Tuck in your t-shirt and choose a simple black leather belt or the one within the same color range as your jacket.
Chic and minimalistic
Finish your look with a black structured purse and black flats of your choice (e.g. moccasins or monks). Accessorize with simple details such as pearl earrings or similar jewelry, and a classic black wrist watch. Style your hair into a tight chignon or a beautiful straight high ponytail. In this case, gray jacket serves as an item that gives you a professional look that’s not too boring and breaks the darkness of your outfit.

Feminine Look With a Business Dress
If you enjoy wearing dresses, you can adapt your style to the office environment. Try a sleeveless gabardine fabric gray dress that follows your body line and make sure it’s knee-length (the least). Opt for models with simple cuts that have unique details (such as the rectangular necklines which frame your face perfectly) or more modern ones that flatter your body type (such as peplum bodycon ruffle pencil dresses).
Feminine look with a business dress
For footwear, opt for comfortable classic heels. Stick with the black color, same goes for your purse choice. Add a business jacket of a bolder but classy color (such as sapphire blue) and accessorize with matching details.

Timeless Elegance
When it comes to classy business outfits, search for quality materials and clean fashion cuts. We propose a dove-gray high pencil skirt (wool is a great fabric choice), simple white shirt with a nice collar, and a thin black leather belt. Browse through a wide range of ladies cardigans and pick a nice, simple cut to add layers to your sleek look. Black is the safest choice. For an Audrey Hepburn-inspired business look, add a gray double-buttoned trench coat.
Audrey Hepburn-inspired business look, add a gray double-buttoned trench coat.
You can also add a bit of color to your outfit. We propose a tastefully detailed brooch in wine color. Avoid tacky faux-diamond brooch pieces. You can match this elegant detail with the color of your purse or your footwear. For a more feminine look, wear a lipstick of a similar shade, but keep your nails toned down with neutral shades or a French manicure.

Casual and On The Point
For a more business-casual look, try wearing wide leg chalk-striped trousers in some shade of gray. To make your outfit more vivid, choose a dark purple shade blouse (e.g. mulberry or plum). Tone down the rest of your outfit: stick with black footwear (e.g. pointy flats or loafers) and a black purse (e.g. tote or a structured purse). Use colors only for details, such as silk scarves. Feel free to choose the multicolored ones: it will look elegant since the rest of your outfit is minimalistic.
 For a more business-casual look, try wearing wide leg chalk-striped trousers in some shade of gray.
There are some fashion codes you need to respect for a sophisticated business look, mainly when it comes to choice of colors, appropriate items and cuts, and choosing the right types of materials. What are your favorite ways of incorporating gray to your business look?

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