My Easter Lily Cactus Blooming 2013

Last Years Post on another cactus of the same kind below

Echinopsis Easter Lily Cactus 5-9-2013I was excited this week when I went to my greenhouse and found my cactus in bloom, notice it was in bloom on 5-9 am and wilting on 5-10 am. When I checked on my plant on 5-9 the stem for the flower was only about 1″ and over night it grew about 6″ and blossomed. I think that is pretty amazing. There are still 2 other blossoms on the cactus and I will watch to see what happens. They appear in the first photo as a fuzzy little growth. The Echinopsis schickendantzii or Easter Lily Cactus has Unscented white flowers, opened day or night, up to 8 inches long (20 cm), followed by edible fruit. So now I will wait to see if it bears fruit, as I want to gather the seeds.

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